At Chanus Enterprise, We Offer You Value For Money





Our Vision & Mission.


To be the leading hardware in Nairobi giving the customers variety of choices at lowest affordable rates


To provide our customers with up to date quality materials that meet ISO international standards.


To reward our customers by giving back to the community in terms of giving a hand in the construction of community ammenities like churches, schools etc.


Welcome to our official website and thank you for taking time visit. Chanus Enterprises limited is a company located in Nairobi Eastland. It is in Umoja 1 Inner core – off Moi Drive – off Kangundo Road junction and behind Umoja 1 Mosque, we take prie in provision of qualiy building and construction materials that have stood the test of time.


Our enterprise, among other products conducts general hardware merchant and key dealer of all types of timber, cement, chuma (twisted metals and fabricating metals), terrazzo, finished wood products (ceiling board, block board, plywood and all other fittings), Direct importers of ceramic tiles and plastic TNG.

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Our products are of un matched quality and it is always our desire to provide our customers with value for their money. we believe in satisfying an individual customer and to us, every body is smebody. Over the years, we have provided quality service to thousands of individuals and various companies and coporate organisations. To make an inquiry about or products or services, CLICK HERE.

Workers Safety.

At Chanus enterprises, we take the safety of our workers seriously and their protection is our concern. we have employed several categories of workers from office employes to proffesional welders, plumbers carpenters etc and employee whose work exposes them to risk is entitled protection gear in order to mke their working experience as confortable, safe and enjoyable as possible.


We have a variety of paints that can enhance your colour experience. We stock high quality paints that will make your construction awesome. With our computerised colour mixing machine, you literaly have an unlimited selection of colours of your choice. Your imagination is the limit.

Visit us to day and see how we can make that happen.



Wheather its a kitchen, toilet, bathtub, sink or floor. as long as it is ceramic, wehave it and you can count on us to provide you with quality long lasting ceramics that will not only give you reliable structures but beautiful ones as well. we have a variety of decorative tiles that will make your visitors gasp for breat in amazement. check us out today.



We also stock all types of cement to provide strong and durable structures that will out live you providing the next generation with a strong continuing foundation. The strength of any building largely depends on the quality of cement used. At chanus enterprises, we care for the your safety and that of your investment